About Us

BITIQ’s Diverse Team

Thank you for visiting the official site of BITIQ. We’re thrilled that you decided to stop by and hope you find everything you’re looking for here. Our team is made up of a truly diverse group of people. We have different goals, aims, and passions.

However, one thing that unites us is an interest in Bitcoin. We see the incredible potential that financial tech has, and we all care deeply about helping ordinary people invest in cryptocurrency. With a collective effort, we feel that Bitcoin can revolutionize the way we pay, save, and invest our money.

We truly believe that tech is the future of finance. Our hope is for a world with fewer inequalities and differences. We feel that many of the inequalities in the world are artificial, and we hope to address some of these disparities with programs like BITIQ.

Investing is an empowering practice. It can give you more control over your finances and help you support the sectors and products you care about the most. In fact, there’s no reason that trading should be as complex as many of us make it out to be.

Golden Bitcoins

We Love Bitcoin!

Our team is very mixed. Some of us are software developers. Others have had lengthy careers in the finance or business sectors. However, we all have one thing in common- we’re very passionate about Bitcoin and its potential.

This is one of the reasons we developed BitIQ. We recognize that greater investment in Bitcoin is only going to help it to grow further. As such, we decided that one of the best ways to make this happen would be empowering the general public to trade in Bitcoin.

Part of the reason that we love Bitcoin so much is because of its performance as an asset class. When it was launched, plenty of experts in the finance world dismissed it as a risky gimmick. Few financial advisors had the foresight to predict how huge Bitcoin would become or how quickly this would happen.

If you want to imagine Bitcoin’s potential future, all you need to look at is its growth thus far. It isn’t hard to imagine the ways that Bitcoin can continue to acquire value and legitimacy. Such growth can only benefit those of us who already invest in the cryptocurrency.

Why We Made BitIQ

We developed BitIQ as an investment platform for the everyday person. Few people are trained or deeply knowledgeable in finance, but almost everyone has a computer or phone nowadays. That’s all you need to use BitIQ.

Ultimately, we wanted to bridge the gap between crypto and the general public. Few people have the disposable funds to simply buy Bitcoin outright. However, this doesn’t mean that there can’t be other options for investing in Bitcoin for those who want the option. BitIQ is designed to make trading Bitcoin as simple as possible and to make it as easy as possible to use.

Bitcoin and Iphone